Watch: Jeff Tweedy and Yo La Tengo play “Jesus, Etc.” for Hanukkah

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Bon Jovi? Bon Schmovi. Bruce Springsteen? Bruce… Schpringsteen. Cool kids know that New Jersey's real musical champion is Yo La Tengo, one of those few still-functioning indie bands that's existed since back when you actually bought CDs (or LPs, if you insist).

As you might also know, the band annually plays and curates eight nights of Hanukkah shows at Maxwell's in Hoboken. And on the third night of this year's festivities, Jeff Tweedy of Wilco joined Yo La Tengo to play a tune off of the bulletproof Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. "Jesus, Etc." was the song chosen by Tweedy and the chosen people, and, thanks to the Internet, you can enjoy the seasonal performance without ever having to go to New Jersey.