Watch: John Slattery and Kristen Schaal star in new music video for The National

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Kristen Schaal stars as President of the United States in the new video for The National's stand-out song "Conversation 16." And based on her hilarious appearances on The Daily Show, we'd totally vote her into public office any day. Check out how classy she looks as she settles into the Oval Office. She even gets to perform the highest Presidential duty — pardoning a Thanksgiving turkey, of course.

All the while, Mad Men's silver fox, John Slattery, plays a Secret Service agent with a maddening lust for her. The pair have remarkable chemistry, especially when visiting foreign dignitaries who have as much class as Borat. It's impressive how simultaneously silly, sexy, and downright absurd this four-minute clip is, though with a cast this comically talented, we maybe shouldn't be surprised.


Aw, looks like Roger Sterling got burned!