Watch: Joseph Gordon-Levitt covering Nirvana’s “Lithium” in Seattle

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On Tuesday night, as part of the hitRECord at the Movies series of events, Inception star Joseph Gordon-Levitt took to the stage at Seattle's Neptune Theater and performed a heartfelt solo version of Nirvana's "Lithium," bantering with the crowd about intellectual-property rights. With the twentieth anniversary of Nevermind's release coming up, Nirvana covers have been noticeably in bloom around the world of late.

It almost seems like Gordon-Levitt is engaged in some kind of unspoken Renaissance Man heartthrob-off with fellow musician and fight-breaker-upper, Ryan Gosling. Gordon-Levitt must've known that flubbing a Nirvana cover in Seattle would be like messing up "Johnny B. Goode" in St. Louis, so he was on his game. The thirty-year-old California native has come a long way since Beethoven, starting as an online collaborative production company five years ago. He was recently cast to play Robert Todd Lincoln in Steven Spielberg's Lincoln.