Watch: Josh Groban sings out Kanye West’s tweets

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Sure, I could listen to "Monster" or "Gold Digger" lots of times and still appreciate their artistry, but I don't know if Kanye has ever created something with as much re-visit value as his Twitter account. "I make awesome decisions in bike stores" will just never not be funny. Which is why I loved this sketch from Jimmy Kimmel Live in which noted "classical pop" singer Josh Groban sets the tweets to music:

Fur pillows! I dare you to deny the genius of "fur pillows," which is sounding dirtier and dirtier the more I type it. On another note: is it weird that I suddenly like Josh Groban? Not necessarily musically or anything, but between this and his self-skewering cameo on Glee, I have to admit I'm kind of charmed. I assume this means I'm now a Christian housewife in her fifties.