Watch: Juggalos host Christmas toy drive for “broke-ass ninjas”

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Why are Juggalos such weird people? Why does even watching them do something vaguely charitable still make me feel super uncomfortable? Upon reflection, it's totally obvious. Anyway, some Juggalos put together a Christmas compilation of shitty Juggalo music that they will give to you if you send them a toy. Surprisingly, the toys will not be kept by Juggalos to fashion into some hideous plastic figurine necklaces to be draped over exposed, in-need-of-support Juggalo breasts, but will instead be given to needy children.

"That's sort of nice," I thought, until "holiday hatchet man" Lay Low, underscoring the fact that the donated toys and clothing must be new in order to receive the free compilation CD (preemptively combating the demographic's known tendency towards cheapness), yelled, "WITH THE TAGS FAGS!!" Real cute, Juggalos.