Watch Justin Bieber and Boyz II Men bring sexy back with Christmas jam

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Is there anything sexier and more likely to spread the Yuletide spirit than a retro, black-and-white video of dudes in tight T-shirts harmonizing? Of course there isn't, and, of course, Justin Bieber and '90s R&B quartet Boyz II Men know this. That's why they've decided to make Christmas come a little early with a clip for the R&B jam "Fa La La" (from Bieber's Christmas album Under the Mistletoe), which features Bieber and the Boyz (Menz?) yukking it up in a loft, a la Beyonce's New Edition-inspired "Love on Top" video.

There is collar-tugging. There is chest-pounding. There are impossibly high notes and soaring harmonies and leather jackets and soulful stares to the camera and eyes-closed crooning and a guy making the shape of a heart with his hands. Basically, it's everything you could ever want from a Bieber/Boyz II Men collaboration and more, so enjoy it while we wait for the Biebs' paternity test results to come back and, possibly, a highly dramatized Maury reveal to follow, which would make for a very merry Christmas present indeed.