Watch Justin Bieber do weird things with a girl in his new perfume ad

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What happens when you mix perfume advertising — which, historically, tends to be both sexually suggestive and incoherent — with Justin Bieber, who, historically, tends to be under the age of eighteen? You get a minor awkwardly selling girls "Someday," the new fragrance created exclusively for patient Bieber fans who actually believe there's going to be a "This Day, Right Now." Poor girls! They won't learn about how men suck until their semester abroad, and that's, like, months from now. So until then, they'll have to keep hope alive by watching the video below, which might be the first ever perfume ad that can cite Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! as an influence.   

Look, baby, Bieber's a busy guy — he just doesn't have time right now to ask about your day or take off any of his jackets or explain why he's wearing your shoes. Maybe someday that'll all happen, but for now, you'll just have to fantasize about him hugging you in the sky and getting skintimate with your neck parts and giving you jewelry that you'll pretend he didn't get for free at one of those awards shows he never takes you to. Perfume!