Watch Kanye West perform “Power” with a gaggle of ballerinas on SNL

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Kanye West is nothing if not a polarizing figure. Some people hate him for his arrogance (though lots of people at his level of fame are arrogant and get away with it), some people love him for his creative output (though seriously, calm down sometimes, Kanye.) But he's certainly interesting to watch, and his performance Saturday night on SNL didn't disappoint: he took to the (blindingly white) stage with about two dozen ballerinas to perform his single "Power":

Clearly he wanted to keep the "painting that moves" concept from the song's video, and I think the dancers were a lovely way of achieving it. It's certainly the most memorable SNL musical performance since Ashley Simpson did that weird ho-down jig. (Which was so hilarious it should never be forgotten.)

West did, however, change the lyrics to the song, which originally included the line "Fuck SNL and the whole cast / Tell 'em Yeezy said they could kiss my whole ass." I'm not sure if I think of that as a respectful choice, or a cop-out. Leave it to Kanye to decide that Saturday Night Live is the place for social niceties.