Watch: Kanye West releases full, creepy video for “Monster”

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Not one week ago I found myself YouTubing — the most extreme and worthwhile of sports — and wondering if we would ever get the full video for Kanye West's "Monster," a leaked clip of which appeared several months ago. I started to think that all the sexualized violence against women featured in the video actually got to him and/or his record label, and the video would be forever under wraps.

How wrong I was! Because the official video has shown up on Kanye's website, and don't worry: all the sexualized violence against women you could ever want is still there:

I want to like this video. I really do. But here is the thing: images of sexy women getting killed, or mutilated, or having already been killed and then chopped up by Rick Ross? They are not fun. They're not sexy, for certain, and they're not even "edgy," because this is a trope that's used in horror movies all the time. And while I applaud Kanye for having a vision — and while Nicki Minaj's verse is absolutely the best thing she's ever done — I just don't think I can get on board with the video.