Watch: Kanye’s West’s very weird, very literal directorial debut

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It's expected that Kanye's first foray into directing would be beautifully shot, expensive as hell, much longer than it needs to be, and full of whatever Kanye thinks is important that month. If you have the spare time to watch "Runaway" (which is not a pimped-out short film submission to the Berlin Film Festival but an actual thirty-four minute music video), you'll find:

  • sky-subsuming fireballs
  • superhuman ballerinas
  • a bird-woman as mouthpiece for the folly of man (Greek myths: also of great import to Kanye)
  • forest spirits/ spirituality
  • beast spirits/ bestiality
  • The best costume design for covering one's boobs, ever.

If you can't spare the equivalent of one-and-a-half shows on Hulu, check out the first ten minutes, which manage to pack in about fifteen years of movie cliches. And if you don't have the time for that, at least watch the sex scene at 27:00, which bears an unfortunate likeness to the cross-species boning in Splice.