When Madonna does the Super Bowl, she really does the Super Bowl: the video for "Gimme All Your Luvin" — I cannot tell you how much that spelling of "loving" drives me up a wall, BTW — finds her, Nicki Minaj, and M.I.A. in full pander mode, donning cheerleader outfits and teasing a whole bunch of football players with their bangin' bods. (Seriously, though: Madge is fifty-three and looks sick.) The song is super-catchy, which is good news for the pop icon, but I can't help but feel like her guest stars, who are kind of known for "killing it" and "bringing it hard" and "other slang term for being awesome," have been underused. I mean, M.I.A. is basically like "fuck this noise" the whole time:

Let them do their thing, Madonna! I can only hope that at the actual half-time show — which will be the best moment of my life, because I love football and I'm also super-gay — she allows her cavalry to bust out a bit of their own work. And then I also hope, as the video hinted, that Madonna beheads Tom Brady. I think that would be a pretty spectacular show, and would definitely get more buzz than Janet Jackson's nip slip. My apologies to Giselle.

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Feb 03 12 - 1:02pm
still lame at 53+

"Every record sounds the same..." what an appropriate line. Madonna, take Gaga and go back to PR stunts, please. Let the real lyricists--Nicki and MIA--show you how it's done.

How can you even say she looks "sick"? The camera cuts are too quick and the lighting is too intense to see what she actually looks like. Plus, there's clearly a ton of post-production. If you can't see Madonna's scary muscle arms, you know they went in there afterwards and fixed things up a bit for her.

Feb 03 12 - 2:18pm
Mean Mr. Mustard


Feb 03 12 - 5:58pm


Feb 03 12 - 11:16pm

Awww, I was hoping this was a ZZ Top cover. :-(

Feb 04 12 - 6:43am

Me too.

Feb 04 12 - 1:26am

I just lost a whole pound of respect for MIA. Seriously: I just checked the scale.

Feb 04 12 - 3:31pm

That was a bit painful to watch. Shame on MIA and Nicki.

Feb 04 12 - 7:39pm

There isn't an MIA tag or you neglected to select it - this should probably be addressed.

Also, the song is campy, the video is campy - both of which are clearly intentional. It's fun and, despite its being "dance music," it does, in fact, sound different from the acoustic homogenization that is the radio. It's fun.

Feb 05 12 - 12:40pm

wow... she must be wearing some intense nylons in this vid... she looks way more like iggy pop in person haha