Watch: Michel Gondry’s new video for The Living Sisters’ “How Are You Doing?”

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Michel Gondry has directed a creative new video for indie trio The Living Sisters — who are not actual sisters — in which the ladies overcome a series of catastrophic events including accidents, fires, shootouts, airplane turbulence, and an earthquake as they travel to a hospital to celebrate the birth of a baby. Becky Stark, Inara George (of The Bird and the Bee, who was four months pregnant at the time of the shoot) and Eleni Mandell each have their own panel in the triptych format, which recalls movies like the original Thomas Crown Affair and Woodstock.

The contrast of the jaunty, pleasant harmonizing with the apocalyptic destruction surrounding them (as well as the Matchbox cars) immediately marks it as Gondry's goofy, winking style. Gondry fans might also be put in mind of the split-screen video he directed for Cibo Matto's "Sugar Water" a few years back, in which the action went both forward and in reverse simultaneously, acting as a mirror image that eventually met in the middle. "How Are You Doing?" is off The Living Sisters' 2010 album Love to Live, which features their dulcet harmonizing in contexts as various as country, doo-wop, and jazz.