Watch: Music video from Warpaint, your new favorite band

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Warpaint band.

Who are we kidding? You don't really like Lady Gaga, and neither do we. So why do we both keep pretending? Let's start finding new bands that we can listen to, like, and discuss — together. 

But since you actually have a life and aren't paid to plunder the Internet (unless you are), we'll help get things started with the band Warpaint.

If you don't know Warpaint, you probably should (even Justin Timberlake is already up on it). The L.A.-based, (usually) all-female band has been kicking around for a while, but recent releases like Exquisite Corpse and The Fool have brought them some newfound buzz. Their sound, like that of most bands, is hard to describe without resorting to cringe-worthy adjectives, so it's best if you just watch/listen to "Undertow" and see for yourself:

See, wasn't that fun? We should do it again sometime. Say… next week?