Until the Beatles 2.0 form, we'll have to settle for Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo's All Starr Band. (The former a little easier to settle for than the latter.) If you watched the Grammys a couple months ago, you might recall McCartney debuting a new tune called "My Valentine," dedicated to his third wife, Nancy Schevell. That song, as well as "Only Our Hearts," are two new compositions included on McCartney's fifteenth solo joint, Kisses on the Bottom. (Who knew McCartney was such an asskisser?) The album is mostly covers of jazz standards, and features collaborations with Diana Krall and Eric Clapton.

In three new videos for "My Valentine" released last night, we see Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp (who also plays guitar) performing sign language along with the song, because that's just what A-listers do. Said McCartney about his two collaborators, "Well, they're just nice people, some friends from way back, and they were just very kind to do it, I was very pleased to work with them." The three black and white videos were shot on 35 mm film, directed by McCartney, and based on an idea by his designer daughter Stella. Two videos feature Portman and Depp by themselves, and the third features both. And because it's first-class all around, the videos were naturally shot by Christopher Nolan's Oscar-winning director of photography, Wally Pfister.

Sure, the videos come a little late for Valentine's Day and deaf Beatles fans, but now everyday can be Valentine's Day with these spare gems from the ever-youthful McCartney. He amusingly reminisced to reporters:

"We thought thirty was like really old. Now I think it's amazingly young. There was a guy at John's art college who was twenty-four and we felt very sorry for him, he looked like a real old guy, he had a five-o'clock shadow, he looked really pathetic to us because we were like, sixteen... I'm really just some kid from Liverpool still."

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Apr 14 12 - 6:14pm

that was pretty good

Apr 14 12 - 8:03pm

Too bad John Lennon was murdered ... he wouldn't be embarassing himself like Paul

Apr 15 12 - 11:26am

Yup, John never embarrassed himself by stating that his band would be more popular than Jesus. He also never went full frontal for an album cover, had a film made of his penis getting an erection, or staged a press conference while in a garbage bag.

Apr 15 12 - 4:52pm

I will respond with the Lyrics to "Coming Up" by Sir (gag) Paul Douchebag McCartney ...

You Want A Love To Last Forever
One That Will Never Fade Away
I Want To Help You With Your Problem
Stick Around, I Say
Coming Up, Coming Up, Yeah
Coming Up Like A Flower
Coming Up, I Say
You Want A Friend You- Can Rely On
One Who Will Never Fade Away
And If You're Searching For An Answer
Stick Around. I Say
It's Coming Up, It's Coming Up
It's Coming Up Like A Flower
It's Coming Up. Yeah
You Want Some Peace And Understanding
So Everybody Can Be Free
I Know That We Can Get Together
We Can Make It, Stick With Me
It's Coming Up, It's Coming Up
It's Coming Up Like A Flower
It's Coming Up For You And Me
Coming Up, Coming Up
It's Coming Up, It's Coming Up, I Say
It's Coming Up Like A Flower
It's Coming Up
I Feel It In My Bones
You Want A Better Kind Of Future
One That Everyone Can Share
You're Not Alone, We All Could Use It
Stick Around We're Nearly There
It's Coming Up, It's Coming Up Everywhere
It's Coming Up Like A Flower
It's Coming Up For All To Share
It's Coming Up, Yeah
It's Coming Up, Anyway
It's Coming Up Like A Flower
Coming Up

Apr 15 12 - 12:37pm

I have to say I wouldn't call this "embarrassing"...but maybe that's just my brain on Depp talking. That man is too attractive to be exposed to the public.