Watch: New video featuring Die Antwoord, Diplo, insanity

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Watch: New video featuring Die Antwoord, Diplo, insanity.

There are some things I don't think I'll ever fully comprehend. Things like credit default swaps, Sarah Jessica Parker, and the new music video for Die Antwoord and Diplo's "Evil Boy" are simply too much for my once nimble mind to process. 

Fortunately for my sake, the "Evil Boy" music video does try to clarify matters by inserting subtitles that highlight some of the song's key talking points, such as, "I'm not a gay, this penis is for the girls." Which is a reasonable, if not suspicious assertion. But then the video goes apeshit again when Die Antwoord's unreasonably named Yo-Landi Vi$$er goes topless and reveals that she has eyeballs on her breasts. 

Also, some guy uses his own penis as a microphone. But I promise, no sentence I can type will adequately describe this video: