Watch OK Go’s video for their new song, “White Knuckles”

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I think I am legally required to post this as a blogger, considering OK Go's status as the most viral video-y band in the land. (Sorry, Weezer. I know you tried your hardest.) So far they've run on treadmills, marched in fields, and played around in a giant Rube Goldberg machine; this time they decided not to take any chances and went for one of the Internet's soft spots: puppies. (Well, fine, dogs. But they'll always be puppies to me.) Not content with just one gimmick, though, they added in some fancy pail stacking as well:

Pretty good, OK Go, but once you've seen that dog dancing the merengue the bar is set pretty high for dog antics. Still, I appreciate that you recognized our insatiable desire for cute animals and provided accordingly. I am wondering, however, how the band is going to keep topping itself. (If it ever even has, that is. That treadmill video was pretty awesome.) There are only so many memes you can use for music video purposes. I think the obvious next step is cats.

Oh, also, the song is fine or whatever. I was definitely, definitely listening really carefully.