Watch: Pavement plays “Gold Soundz” on “The Colbert Report”

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Pavement performs "Gold Soundz" on "The Colbert Report."

After Pitchfork said what everybody else already knew — that "Gold Soundz" was the best song of the '90s — the newly reformed Pavement went on to The Colbert Report to perform, well, "Gold Soundz."

Except that it's a little different. Well, not really — you can't really fuck too much with something so, so good — but there does seem to be a touch more Dinosaur Jr.-style distortion and reverb than there was on the original cut off of Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain. But Colbert did say that this version of "Gold Soundz" was off of their aptly titled new best-of compilation Quarantine the Past, so maybe that's the whole point? 

Then again, what do I know, I'm one of those old fogies that The New Yorker reported couldn't even remember where they put their tickets to Pavement's NYC shows.

Anyway, you're not here to read, you're here to rock:

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Pavement – Gold Soundz
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