Watch: “Red Lights,” the Holy F*ck’s new music video that replaces band members with cats

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Apparently inspired by… well, the entire Internet, Holy Fuck (an inconvenient band name for anyone who needs to write headlines) decided to eschew the use of any humans — including band members — from the new video for their song, "Red Lights." Knowing that we wouldn't be all that impressed by cats playing instruments, considering the standard set by Keyboard Cat, they threw in a cat and a dog in a Deathproof-esque car chase.

There is also a section that seems like it's meant to be some kind of sexy cat dancing? Let us not speak of it.

This is not to take away from the video, which I did enjoy, but… literally, all you have to do to get the Internet to love your music video is to put cats in it. The Internet is way too easy, you guys.