Watch: Ryan Adams and his Vampire Weekend obsession

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Vampire Weekend have a secret admirer, and it's not a willowy Harvard undergrad wearing boat shoes. It's Ryan Adams.

Adams has been posting videos of his solo Vampire Weekend covers on his Facebook page with alarming frequency. It's kind of like that douchey guy whose shirtless PhotoBooth covers of indie-rock songs keep popping up in your news feed, except it's awesome. Ryan's world-weary, sighing delivery actually suits the songs well — I would have been alarmed if he'd gone all Graceland on me, but he's putting his on spin on them, and for that I thank him.

What's really adorable are the awkward, self-effacing notes Adams has tagged each cover with. For example, he prefaces "Oxford Comma" with "I am a superfan so forgive me" and "Mansard Roof" by saying "I do it no justice but I love it." Awww