Watch Ryan Gosling’s band, Dead Man’s Bones, perform for the elderly

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Ryan Gosling — charming indie actor and noted hot Canadian — is apparently one of those people who's talented at many things. Or at least two. When he's not acting, Gosling also plays piano for the band Dead Man's Bones, which is pretty good, especially for a band with a famous actor in it. (I know that's a cliche and all, but… it's hard to have a good band. Celebrities just get noticed for it more.) They do seem a bit twee, but a little bit of twee here and there never hurt anyone.

That's pretty well demonstrated in this music video for their song "Pa Pa Power," which was just released this week. Not only is the band playing at an old folks' home, but they're also performing with a children's choir. (The twee ball's in your artfully off-beat court, Joanna Newsom.) It is… it's pretty cute. (It is also thirteen minutes long, so you can skip ahead to about 3:10 for the Gosling action.)

You know, as talented and hot as Gosling clearly is, I was never as into him as other people seemed to be. (Just a personal taste thing, I guess.) But fine, Ryan. I give in. I finally understand what those other people were getting at.

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