Watch Sean Lennon & Rufus Wainwright cover “Material Girl” at OWS

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Really, it's about damn time, Sean Lennon. Your mom tweeted her support of Occupy Wall Street, like, a month ago and we all know your dad would've been on that movement in five minutes flat. It didn't happen until Monday, but Lennon finally lived up to his family name by performing a cover of Madonna's "Material Girl" with Rufus Wainwright and Gasland director Josh Fox, among others, at Occupy Wall Street.

Before they kicked off their acoustic take on Madonna's ode to gold diggers and general materialism (ah, I see what you did there, guys), the band ceded the floor to Josh Fox, who talked to the crowd about fracking, the subject of his documentary. It got a little tricky to keep up the call-and-response as Fox got into legislation and more technical jargon, but everyone seemed to enjoy saying the word "fracking." (Methinks a few Battlestar Galactica fans were in this crowd.)

Then, the song got under way. Wainwright seemed over it by the second minute, but the rest of the gang had a grand old time with Madge. You can check out some photos Lennon posted on his Tumblr, or watch the video below: