Shia LaBoeuf directed a pretty gross Marilyn Manson music video

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Other than control his alcohol-enhanced anger issues, is there anything Shia LaBoeuf can't do? First, he directed a few music videos for Kid Cudi and Maniac, and now he's behind this unsurprisingly dark music video for Marilyn Manson.

First reactions to the song and video are that it's a little try-hard, with the same-old same-old violent imagery and Alejandro Jodorowsky influences. LaBoeuf said to MTV:

"The song has all these references to Macbeth and all this Shakespeare and heavy theology, so we tried to make Manson's Un Chien Andalou [into] macabre Macbeth — that's sort of what that became."

I'll admit, it did make me wince a little, but not at the creepy clown girl or people seemingly sewn together or the needle going in and out of that girl's cheek (spoiler alert?) — mostly, it was just that part at the beginning where those girls have their heads shaven. Don't they know how long that will take to grow back? They'll probably have to go through the awkward pixie-cut stage. Nightmares! 

Oh, if it it wasn't obvious, this is probably NSFW.