Watch: Spike Jonze directs “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire

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Arcade Fire.

Remember the first time you saw the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are? You were excited enough as it is, what with the prospect of Spike Jonze directing a movie written by Dave Eggers and based on your favorite childhood story. But when you heard Arcade Fire's "Wake Up" playing throughout? It was as though your liberal arts degree suddenly paid itself off!

Well, the Spike Jonze-directed video for Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs" is pretty close to that, but without the Dave Eggers part or the promise of a full-length feature film. All in all, the video gives off a dark and hopeless vibe, rather than a nostalgic and wistful one. It's kind of a depiction of what suburbia might look like if somebody mixed Donnie Darko and Gummo.

Or, you know, maybe it just looks like this: