Watch: Spike Jonze reunites with Beastie Boys for “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win” video

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Spike Jonze (or, for you trivia buffs, Adam Spiegel) has come correct with his brand of goofy whimsicality once again, collaborating with his old partners in crime, The Beastie Boys, on a brand new video for the ska-influenced "Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win." "Don't Play No Game" is the latest single off of Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, and features former punkette Santigold. Jonze, of course, was behind the camera on the classic videos for "Sure Shot" and "Sabotage," and is coming off a recent collaboration with Arcade Fire.

In a tradition stretching back to Michael Jackson's "Thriller," the Boys' song ends up taking a backseat to the video itself; here, you have the apparent take-your-pick influence of Thunderbirds, Marwencol, G.I. Joe, Team America: World Police and Robot Chicken. The Boys (in the guise of action figures) must elude mysterious assassins, Nazi zombies (unconscious "Thriller" influence?), and a shark, with the assistance of the Yeti and a Barbie doll Santigold. It's fun to see these callbacks to the imaginative play of childhood; IMAX 3D extravaganzas just can't give you that same hands-in-the-dirt tactility.