Watch “Straight From The Horse’s Piel,” a short film about Die Antwoord

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If you already don't like Die Antwoord, the South African hip-hop group with (probably) a dash of performance art thrown in for good measure, this short film about them, "Straight From The Horse's Piel," is probably not going to change your mind. It's just as weird as most of the stuff they do, and even though they do get asked "Is it real?", it's their video, so don't expect any kind of straight-forward answer. But if you do like Die Antwoord, and you don't find their style annoying, than you'll definitely enjoy.

A warning beforehand: there's a bit of a Fight Club moment, in which we get a split-second look at front man Ninja's penis. (I think. It could be any old penis.) Also, every third word is "fuck." So, you know… perfect for that big board meeting you have.

I've always been sort of iffy on Die Antwoord as, like, a concept. I do often find them off-putting, but that's probably part of the point. But I will say that their songs are pretty awesome, so my only real complaint is that there isn't enough of their music in this thing.