Watch Tenacious D return with help from Val Kilmer, Dave Grohl and others

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It's been six long years since the last Tenacious D album, but Jack Black and Kyle Gass are back, hoping to put Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny behind them. The rebelliously-phonetic Rize of the Fenix is set for May 15, as the thunder gods put in their earplugs. 

In a new promotional video for Fenix entitled "To Be the Best," the D catch us up on their recent past, under the guise of an Extra piece hosted by Maria Menounos. We learn that Black has gone Hollywood, while his old partner Gass obsesses over him in an institution. And we see the pivotal role that that ol' huckleberry Val Kilmer plays in the duo's reunion.

And that's not all. An epic, war-ending, seventeen-day hug leads to a Rocky III-esque training montage and flying on a giant eagle, in true D fashion. The boys are also seen taking refresher courses from Josh Groban and Dave Grohl (who's played drums on all three D albums), as they try to return to their "fighting weight." And we get cameos from Tim Robbins and Jimmy Kimmel.

Whether you think of Tenacious D as a novelty act or actually get into Gass' bombastic acoustic-playing, the bottom line is, it's good to have them back. The Complete Masterworks is great and all, but you gotta keep it fresh. Black and Gass will begin a sixteen-date U.S. tour in June, which is probably a better idea than filming a Land of the Lost sequel.