Watch: The avant-garde boobs of Spain in El Guincho music video, “Bombay”

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I have not been this aesthetically pleased in a long time. In case you're not familiar with El Guincho (don't lie), it's the art-rock moniker of Spanish musician Pablo Díaz-Reixa. And outside of Reixa's general face region– which is also very pleasing– his video for Bombay is total eye candy. What starts out as a Carl Sagan Cosmos parody ends up as a dadaist exploration of energy, reality, movement, color and awesome but questionably young boobs.

In case you were wondering how any director has the patience to shoot a beach scene, a forest scene, a boobie-sparkler scene, a scene with many towels– all with slavish attention to detail– for one measly music video, it's actually a trailer for a full-length film. No word yet on what the film is about (beauty, everything), but he did one hell of a job on this trailer.