Watch: The David Lynch/Interpol short film

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Interpol is a band that seems to live in their own world, one of elaborately tailored suits, deadpan vocals, and severe haircuts. Ironically, those same words could describe David Lynch, so it probably shouldn't come as any surprise that the two parties have collaborated on a new video.

The short film, called "I Touch a Red Button Man," accompanies the band's latest single, "Lights," from their most recent, self-titled album. The film made its debut during the band's Coachella set earlier this year, where it presumably sent any number of drug trips spiraling off into heretofore-unseen levels of crazy. 

Predictably, Lynch declined to answer any questions about the clip, but Interpol frontman Daniel Kessler told the Huffington Post that the titular red button man and his activities during the video are probably intentionally vague, like most things Lynchian.

"I think it's supposed to be left a mystery," Kessler said. "Just like we took it as such when he described the idea to us."

Decide for yourself: striking visuals matched to equally singular music, or deliberately obtuse art-school drivel?