Watch the first part of Girl Talk’s album-length music video

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Girl Talk, also known as Gregg Gillis, is known for his songs made entirely of samples from songs by Beyonce to Hall & Oates to 2 Live Crew. And while his albums are split into shorter tunes, in truth, they all bleed into one another to make one giant song. Which is probably why you wouldn't assume that he'd ever make a video for any of his music. (Besides the licensing.) How could he, when the mood shifts more or less every twenty seconds? But Ann Marsen, operating under her moniker of Girl Walk (see what she did there?) has beat him to it, releasing the first of twelve video installments for his last album, All Day:

In case you're wondering if you know the odd ballerina out, there, you just might! Because that's Anne Marsen, the girl who freestyle danced her way through a viral video and then a scene on The Good Wife. It's a brilliant solution, really — if anything can match the ever-shifting sound of Girl Talk it would be people who are willing to shift their movements and style just as quickly. (You know, like people at one of his shows.) Stay tuned for the next eleven.