Watch: The first video from Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Watch The Throne”

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Watch The Throne, the collaboration album between Kanye West and Jay-Z, was released over iTunes earlier this week, and now we have the first video from the album. The Spike Jonze directed "Otis" is surprisingly low-key for an album that is pretty much born of bombast: just Jay and 'Ye, driving around an empty lot in their hacked convertible, signing along to Otis Redding. The only concession to grandeur is a quick pyrotechnics show, but even that is tempered by the setting. And then Aziz Ansari shows up, because why not?

I don't know if "Otis" would have been my first choice for the follow up single to the hilariously titled "H.A.M" — I like "Why I Love You" more, though it's not as radio friendly — but West and Jay-Z certainly seem like they're having fun here. Though I guess that's pretty easy when you are both millionaires and one of you is married to Beyonce.