Watch: The full-but-unfinished video for Kanye West’s “Monster”

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What's "unfinished" about this video, you ask? Well, it could be some special effects — though it seems like most of them are there to me. It probably has something to do with the fact that it currently looks like they lit the set with an iPhone screen and flaming barrel of trash. (In other words, it's dark.) Also the sounds is off. But hey, you've already heard the song with good sound! This is all about the visuals and the ambience, which come through clearly enough.

NSFW, unless your job is "blogger" or "serial killer":

Certainly creepy, and certainly very stylized in that way Kanye's known for. My only two disappointments? One, that Nicki Minaj's verse — the one that obviously kills the rest of the track dead — kinda gets the short shrift in terms of being creepy weird. (It's not all that different from her appearance in Ludacris' "My Chick Bad Video," and at least there she got Krueger claws.)

Two, I'm over the "sexy dead women" thing. Sexy dead gender equality, please. (Kidding! Sexy dead anything is gross.)