Watch: The Glenn Danzig and Henry Rollins Gay Christmas Special

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As people who saw last week's Community claymationpalooza know, the pop-culture world is not short on animated Christmas specials. 

But because the holidays mean practically nothing without special episodes and such, we're giving a warm welcome to this newest addition to the season: the Glenn Danzig and Henry Rollins Christmas Special.

No, the guys don't actually provide the voices, but the video's still a good time. You should know some background information, though: there's this comic called Henry & Glenn Forever, in which the two rockers are portrayed as gay lovers. Hall & Oates are also a part of the story, as their Satanic neighbors. It's pretty funny, and the back cover has a blurb from the real Henry Rollins that reads, "Has Glenn seen this? Trust me, he would not be amused." And, as it happens, Glenn was not

But we are! Begin yet another Christmas tradition with the video below.