Watch the new video for LCD Soundsystem’s “Home”

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LCD Soundsystem has just released a music video for their single "Home," off their newest album, This Is Happening. In this one, a lovable robot leaves the confines of his creator's house and tries to make friends with a bunch of hipsters. Oh, robot! Your face is made of an old Lite-Brite and you have an old-school tape deck in your chest! You were made to hang out with hipsters.

Also, there is sort of an over-arching motif of robot sexual assault:

Right? That first party scene is kind of what robot sexual assault would look like, no? (The final scene is a bit more what human sexual assault looks like.) Anyway, there also seems to be some kind of allegory going on with the girl in the robot suit and the old man, but it is definitely, definitely Friday so I'll be damned if I know what it is.

Pretty good video, no matter what! I still think I prefer the one where the group is being inconvenienced by vaguely malevolent pandas, though.