Watch the President belt out “Sweet Home Chicago” at White House blues concert

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A few weeks ago, President Obama charmed your pants off by launching into an impromptu version of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" at a Democratic fundraiser in Harlem. Last night, the President followed his solo debut with a sophomore effort at a White House all-star blues concert, belting out a few lines off the blues standard "Sweet Home Chicago" alongside blues legends Mick Jagger, Buddy Guy, and B.B. King. "Could I possibly be more jealous of whoever attended this event?" you might be asking yourself right now. The answer is no, you most certainly could not. 

The surprise performance occurred at the end of the event, during the blues ensemble's performance of "Sweet Home Chicago." Guy told the president he'd seen his rendition of the Al Green song, urging him, "You gotta keep it up." Jagger then handed off the mic to the President, who traded a few lines with B.B. King before the audience burst into raucous applause. 

Was it planned? Yeah, most likely. Is the President a good enough singer to make it to the top twelve of American Idol? Probably not. Do you nonetheless secretly wish that the POTUS, the FLOTUS, and their offspring would form a Von Trapp-style family blues band and travel the country in a giant, red-white-and-blue tour bus and get into scrappy misadventures that try the patience of their stern yet loyal manager, played by actor/former '70s soft-rock star Meat Loaf? Yes, most definitely.