Watch Tom Waits grumble and stumble through a new music video

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Look through the liner notes or eye the cover art for any Tom Waits album, and you'll notice the care and attention the man pays to his visuals. So it's kind of surprising he hasn't dabbled too often in the realm of music videos during his decades-long career. (Presumably, he's been too busy gargling whiskey and stones in between hitching rides on freight trains and trading stories with midget prostitutes, fallen preachers, and one-eyed hobos to worry about the YouTubes.)

His occasional forays into the medium have given us the inane and half-crazy video for "I Don't Want to Grow Up" from 1992's Bone Machine, and "Temptation" (from 1987's Frank's Wild Years) which must have been a perfect fit for those alternative-heavy late-night MTV shows in the late '80s that kids snuck up to watch after their parents — who just didn't understand — went off to bed. So whenever the man does release an officially-sanctioned video, like the following one of him stumbling and grumbling in some anonymous backyard as he sings "Satisfied" from his new album Bad As Me, it's news.

The video's directed by Jesse Dylan, who previously had Waits scream at the camera in a similarly handheld, low budget, black-and-white offering for "God's Away on Business" (and, in his down time, plays the role of Bob Dylan's son). Let's say, the two of them have their visual style down pat at this point. Their new effort:

You can begin editing your Tom Waits/Thom Yorke mash-ups now.