Watch: Weezer covers The Cars’ “You Might Think”

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Weezer's always owed a lot to The Cars — thick power-pop guitars, an abundance of handclaps and ooh-ing and aah-ing vocal harmonies, and a geek-chic style that seemed charmingly retro even when they debuted seventeen years ago. (Incidentally, holy shit, we're old.) Ric Ocasek even produced their first album. But to my knowledge, this is the first time Weezer's actually covered The Cars, recreating the older band's classic Heartbeat City single "You Might Think" for the soundtrack to Pixar's Cars 2.

Not too surprisingly, Weezer's version sounds very close to the original, but it's still a solid rendition of a song that remains pretty irresistible. (My vote would've gone to "Tonight She Comes," but if I got to make decisions for Rivers Cuomo, the last six Weezer albums would be very different.)