Watch: Weezer’s cover of Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android”

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Coming off their Pinkerton-esque, inherently tongue-in-cheek State Farm jingle, Weezer continues to emulate the creative cover portfolio of a band like Phish, this time tackling Radiohead's proggy "Paranoid Android," a weird, multipart tune inspired by singer Thom Yorke's unsettling encounter with a group of coked-up strangers at an L.A. bar.

"Paranoid Android" has been covered numerous times, and Weezer's version here plays it straight, nailing a note-for-note, live-in-studio version. Sure, purists will sniffily dismiss it, because that's what purists do, but Weezer isn't trying to hijack the song. It's an homage. We know Rivers Cuomo doesn't have Thom Yorke's vocal range. Enjoy it as a between-albums bon-bon, unless Cuomo gets burnt out again and runs off to a zen monastery or something. Somehow, I don't see Radiohead taking on "Hash Pipe."