Watch: Willow Smith’s oddly mystical “21st Century Girl” video

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Why no, just because you and most people you know find the Smith family's pop-cultural ubiquity kind of unsettling, doesn't mean they're going anywhere anytime soon. We have further evidence in the form of ten-year-old Willow's new video for "21st Century Girl," which sees the "Whip My Hair" singer cavorting in the desert and essentially controlling the elements. Oh, and this is after she's brought into existence by Cicely Tyson, who comes bearing unclear motivations, a string of beads, and a ukelele.

Watch above as the fourth grader runs with a pack of wolves, a pack of ladies, and tells us repeatedly, "I do what I like," and prepare to be transported back to the late-'90s/early-2000s golden age of music-video production.