Westboro Baptist Church photoshop themselves into pictures of Whitney Houston’s funeral

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Members of the Westboro Baptist Church continue their campaign to be the silliest extremist hate-mongers in the country with their recent protest of Whitney Houston's funeral… or lack thereof

The infamous anti-gay hate group masquerading as a church claimed to have been at the funeral, and even tweeted a photo of themselves picketing. But their brilliant ruse failed; the poorly photoshopped image was proven fake when the New Jersey Star-Ledger reported that the area around the ceremony was restricted to protestors, and no one from the Westboro Baptist Church had shown up. Yes, the most well-known religious extremists in the nation have the same tactics as an eleven-year-old girl who edits her face over Selena Gomez's so it looks like she's dating Justin Bieber. 

During the funeral, Margie Phelps, daughter of Westboro pastor Fred Phelps, tweeted, "All NJ & all who came to lie about Whitney's Godless life saw these beauties [the protesters, with a link to the doctored photo]! She's in hell! #NoWordsByCelebsChangeThat," which is patently incorrect, because everyone knows Kevin Costner's dulcet tones can save anyone from eternal damnation.  No one at the funeral reported seeing the picketers.

The church and the Phelps family are like that guy everyone knows who constantly talks about how something — Chipotle, for example — is overrated, and ends up talking about how much he hates Chipotle way more than people who like Chipotle talk about Chipotle. (Astute readers will note that Chipotle restaurants have been used as a symbol for homosexuality since Milton's Paradise Lost.) 

And really, ignoring their Photoshop and Twitter faux pas, the owners of shouldn't be using any computers, since according to them, God hates homosexual father of computer science Alan Turing (who was also a horribly persecuted war hero — look it up). So, by their logic, aren't all computers really just be portals to Sodom and/or Gommorah?