What’s a Chris Brown look-alike doing in Rihanna’s “We Found Love” video?

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I can make a list for you! The Chris Brown analog is: smoking, dancing, doing donuts in a parking lot, bathing with Rihanna (in his clothes), yelling at Rihanna, tattooing Rihanna's ass, passing out on the floor, kissing Rihanna in a car, playing with a slot machine, getting fast food, and handling fireworks in an entirely unsafe manner.

So, is the guy in the video for "We Found Love" — you may remember this was the shoot that irked the Irish farmer a couple of weeks back — actually supposed to be Chris Brown? If nothing else, the people involved in producing this video made sure there were enough similarities between Rihanna's ex-boyfriend/domestic abuser and the handsome young actor in the video for us to ask the question. And it's hard not to see the depiction of a volatile, unhealthy relationship that still had its good moments as a parallel to Rihanna and Brown's real-life relationship. But do I think we should take this as an opportunity to read into Rihanna's thoughts and feelings about Brown, what their relationship is right now, or her mental state?

Nah. For one thing, that's all Rihanna's business, and trying to "figure it out" from the outside looking in is both invasive and foolhardy. For another: it's just a music video.

I will say this, though: damn I want to go party with Rihanna, because looks like she knows how to do it right. Girl is giving some serious Skins realness, but without the whole "making it weird by being sixteen" part.