Willie Nelson faces jail time after umpteenth pot bust

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Willie Nelson smoking weed

The man who smoked pot on top of the White House is now known as the man busted for smoking weed on his tour bus — again.

Willie Nelson was arrested for possession of marijuana while riding on his tour bus for the second time this year, and the latest charge could land him in the slammer. The five-o say they found the ganj on the seventy-seven-year-old touring warhorse when they stopped the Honeysuckle Rose near a border checkpoint in El Paso. Willie was on his way from California to — of course — Austin, Texas, and quickly posted the $2,500 bond. 

What kind of asshole cop arrests Willie Fucking Nelson? And for marijuana? You can never live down something that stupid. Now, thanks to this/these jerks, Willie faces 180 days in jail.

Nelson has long dodged drug busts in Texas, as evidenced by his staple song "Me And Paul":

Almost busted in Laredo,
But for reasons that I'd rather not disclose,
But if you're stayin' in a motel there and leave,
Just don't leave nothin' in your clothes.