Arcade Fire’s Win Butler beats an NBA player in 3-point contest

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What's more adorable than listening to Arcade Fire frontman (and alleged basketball thief) Win Butler brag about his superior three-point shooting skills to old friend and San Antonio Spurs player Matt Bonner? Maybe watching his sizable, lanky body plummet down on the basketball court during an especially heated moment of the game. Fortunately for those of us who love all things endearingly awkward, that's exactly what happened at the Rock the Court charity basketball match in Toronto, which pitted NBA players, musicians, and sports bloggers against each other for four surprisingly intense quarters.

Butler, who's six-foot-four, is actually pretty awesome. He may have seemed maladroit at times, what with his wild arm-flapping and flailing and falling on top of everyone, but the man's got some shot. Also present in the game were Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam, and Dallas Green (whose recording alias is City and Color). What's more, NBA player Matt Bonner is said to enjoy staying at home, reading, listening to indie rock, and apparently doing pretty convincing impressions of Napoleon Dynamite during his downtime from basketball — making this charity match probably the hippest basketball game to ever take place.