Yo La Tengo announces forthcoming “Choose Your Own Adventure” tour

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Yo La Tengo is probably one of the only indie bands that have managed to pack success, talent, and good standing in the music community for as long as they have without taking themselves too seriously. They just announced their concept for their next tour, which can be only likened to the short-lived line of Goosebumps' "choose your own adventure" books and The Wheel of Fortune. Their set will be dictated by a huge spinning wheel with these options

    1. Condo Fucks:
    50 million Fuckbook fans can’t be wrong!

    2. Dump:
    Why should Nijmegen and Claremont get all the fun? Is this the night Dump plays your town? Only the wheel knows.

    3. The Freewheeling Yo La Tengo:
    You ask a question; we answer the question, and maybe follow up with a song.

    4. The Name Game:
    Have you ever noticed how many Yo La Tengo songs include someone’s name? More than 45 minutes’ worth, that’s for sure, so who knows which ones we’ll do on any given night.

    5. Sitcom Theater:
    The lucky audience in attendance the night the wheel lands on this space will get to see band and crew act out a classic sitcom.

    6. Songs Starting With S:
    The only thing more common than a Yo La Tengo song with a name is a Yo La Tengo song starting with S (only one song fits both categories). So many, in fact, that we cannot promise that all of them are on the table, as it were. But we do promise that there will be songs rarely, if ever, heard live.

    7. The Sounds of Science part 1
    8. The Sounds of Science part 2

    All of the lovely sounds we created, but none of that pesky science. We’re leaving the movies at home, and dividing the 90-minute program in half.

"The Name Game" sounds great and the band would probably be very open to audience suggestions. Even though "Sitcom Theatre" would almost certainly be the worst live dramatic performance, possibly ever, we'd all like to see the group bang out an episode of Cheers. I've seen them live a few times, and no matter the weird impromptu sitcom-based performance, it's pretty hard for them to suck.