Alabama can’t find anyone to fill the jobs of the immigrants they kicked out

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Those illegals

Behind the illegal- immigration debate, there's always been that lingering question: aren't most Americans really too flabby and lazy to do the kind of back-breaking work illegal immigrants do for us? Finally, there's an answer: yes.

After Alabama passed HR 56, an immigration law targeted at chasing out as many illegals as possible, the state hasn't been able to find anyone willing to fill the jobs left by illegal immigrants:

"Farmers have complained of a lack of field hands since parts of the law took effect in late September. Many have said legal residents aren't physically able or mentally tough enough to perform the work, and others won't do so because it doesn't pay enough."

So there you have it. Even in one of the most economically trashed states in the country, farm work is still too laborious and low-paying for most Americans. It looks like it's A Day Without a Mexican in the Forrest Gump State. So what are they going to do? 

"Alabama agriculture officials are considering whether prisoners can fill a chronic labor shortage the farm agency blames on the state's new law against illegal immigration."

Well. Cruel and unusual? Maybe. But those peanuts aren't going to harvest themselves.