Angry celebrities tweet angrily at North Carolina’s gay-marriage ban

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President Obama's recent (and by recent, I mean seriously recent) announcement on his support of gay marriage hasn't taken the heat off of North Carolina's decision to pass Amendment One. America is in an uproar and celebrities, both gay and straight, have a lot to say about it. The Twittersphere is hoppin' with disapproving hilarity along the likes of this tweet from Damien Fahey:

On the bright side you don't have to put an Instagram filter over photos of North Carolina anymore to make it look like the 1800's

Then there's the more direct distaste for the people of the wayward southern state by Matthew Lillard:

North Carolina, I spit in your general direction.

Dan Cronin had probably the most constructive criticism:

Young people of North Carolina, just move away. Then move back when they're dead.

That's right, North Carolina. You've officially pissed off everybody, sans the ones who voted in favor of this ridiculous amendment. Just let it be known, hell hath no fury like Neil Patrick Harris scorned:

North Carolina passed Amendment One. Unbelievable. 

For a little insight on how harmful Amendment One actually is, this large list of things same-sex couples are officially banned from doing is sure to get your blood boiling. After, feel free to take a load off and remember that not everybody (namely Barack Obama) is as backwards as North Carolina.