Angry person Lou Dobbs claims The Lorax will brainwash kids

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the lorax

It's T-shirt weather in the middle of February, but Lou Dobbs isn't angry about humanity's destruction of the planet. No, he's angry that children might oppose the logging industry after watching The Lorax, the latest animated Dr. Seuss adaptation.

"The President’s liberal friends in Hollywood [are] targeting a younger demographic using animated movies to sell their agenda to children," Dobbs ranted earlier this week — specifically, he says, via "a woodland creature who speaks for the trees and fights rampant industrialism."

Dobbs compared the movie to Occupy Wall Street, and blasted Universal Pictures for using the film "to push eco-friendly products." (Recycled paper towels! The horror! The horror!)

Back in reality, the studio has teamed with Mazda to promote the CX-5 sport utility vehicle, which is marketed as "Truffula Tree Friendly." (Luckily for truth in SUV advertising, Truffula Trees don't exist.)