Ann Coulter compares Andrew Breitbart to… John Lennon

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Ann Coulter

In Ann-Coulter-being-Ann-Coulter news of the day, the conservative mega-pundit has compared the loss of Andrew Breitbart to the loss of John Lennon, of all people. In an interview Coulter reminisced about the right-wing media kingpin's influence on conservatism, and it got a little weird:

"He did so much, I mean I can't say it's not a huge loss to the conservative movement. It's like John Lennon dying – what other music might he have produced? Though he did leave us with a lot of music and so did Andrew Breitbart. From the Drudge Report, and I actually think the Huffington Post is a lot of good for our side because we actually hear what lunatics have to say."

Well, yes. Other than the fact that they worked toward diametrically opposed goals, in completely different fields, and Lennon continues to be an internationally beloved figure while few have even seemed to muster perfunctory sympathy for Breitbart, this sounds about right. Did she somehow pick this idea up during her time as a Deadhead? Just a theory. 

Coulter continued, "He was the glue and made all of these connections, and the fighter and the inspiration to young right wingers." You know, just like John Lennon.