Ann Coulter compares Occupy Wall Street to Nazis

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Oh, Ann. You saucy little minx. I hesitate to even write about you, yet I'm drawn to your batshit insanity like a moth to the flame. What a tangled web we weave. Speaking with Fox Business' Eric Bolling, Coulter was asked about Occupy Wall Street's use of the phrases "demolition of capitalism" and "if we can learn to share we can all live in prosperity." She responded that these phrases have precedent in history, say,

"…before the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and with only slight modification when the Nazis were coming to power… This is always the beginning of totalitarianism."

Charmingly, she also noted that the Democratic Party loves "mob uprising," citing it as their "path to power."

She then claimed that Democrats "always assume that the mob leaders will remain mob leaders and not end up like Maximilien Robespierre, beheaded a couple years after the revolution began. That is often the way revolutions go."

Ooh, a historical reference. Trenchant. Facing a Congress that stonewalls along party lines like they're paid to do it and a dismal economic future for anyone not paid to show up in a short black dress and say outrageous things, we're now turning up our noses at the idea of sharing. 

While I agree that Occupy Wall Street has its fair share of looky-loos and uninformed nitwits, so did every Tea Party gathering of the past two years. It's funny to me that the Tea Party was painted as a populist uprising of the common man, united against Big Government's intrusive attempts to control our lives, while Occupy Wall Street is just a bunch of hipsters without jobs.

But I can't help it. I love her. Come to me, Ann. We'll say horrible things about each other and ride off into the sunset together.