Ann Romney: “I don’t consider myself wealthy”

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Mitt and Ann Romney

Proving that she might just be as painfully clueless as her husband when it comes to their exorbitant wealth, Ann "Two Cadillacs" Romney was quoted this week saying, "I don't even consider myself wealthy."

The unfortunate sound bite came during an interview with Fox News, which was actually about her struggles with M.S. and breast cancer and otherwise pretty heartwarming:

"Those that are suffering from M.S. or cancer or any disease I feel like I want to throw my arms open and say, welcome to my family and welcome to the place where I've been and, so, you know, we can be poor in spirit and I don't look – I don't even consider myself wealthy which is an interesting thing. It can be here today and gone tomorrow, and how I measure riches is by the friends I have and the loved ones I have and the people I care about in my life […] having gone through a difficult period in my life with M.S. and with breast cancer it has  softened my heart and made me realize there are many people suffering in this country and they are suffering from things that aren't financial – and some people are suffering from things that are financial as well – but those that are suffering for me, I just have a larger capacity for love, and for understanding."  

Hmm. Well, it's a heartfelt sentiment, to be sure, and definitely quite a bit more sympathetic than her husband's "I love to fire people" outburst. However, while the idea of spiritual wealth is an important one, dismissing the influence of your own wealth in a nation where access to healthcare often depends on it — or, for that matter, dismissing your own wealth when the top concern across all voter demographics right now is the economy — doesn't seem like the wisest political move one could make.

Will someone please tell this family that pretending not to know you're rich when you have $250 million in the bank will never, ever be a good look, regardless of the context? It's starting to get cartoonish.