Anonymous says they will shut down Fox News website

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Internet hacker collective Anonymous have said "Tally-ho" and put Fox News on notice that the hunt is on. On November 5, the group will attempt to bring down the Fox News website, or, more likely, insert some digital graffiti somewhere.

Anonymous has been displeased with Fox's coverage of the Wall Street Occupation (singling out Sean Hannity in particular) and plan to carry out "Operation Fox Hunt" on Guy Fawkes Day, which memorializes the 1605 Gunpowder Plot against the House of Lords by a group of vendetta-obsessed English Catholics. (Guy Fawkes Day is like Christmas for Anonymous.)

Anonymous has issued one of their usual voice-disguised warning videos, carefully calibrated to convey a bloodless non-aggression, and perfumed with a spritz of condescension. The inherent arrogance of giving their intended targets advance notice of their attacks sets the group's internet terrorism apart from less organized hackers who attack without warning.

The international network that comprises Anonymous has witnessed numerous arrests in several countries, including three participants in Spain a few months ago; the perceived mistreatment of Wall Street Occupants is just the latest pretext for Anonymous to exercise their anarchic sensibilities.